About Mobilab

The Multi-Diagnostic Device ‘Mobilab’, is capable of analyzing more than 25 parameters for diagnosis of Kidney, Liver, Pancreas, Heart problems, etc. Using Nanotechnology, advanced optics and optimized algorithms, our patented technology is capable of performing diagnostic tests at low volume with better accuracy, thus each test is around 1/10 of the existing cost. This POCT (Point of care testing),  IoT enabled platform generates real time data, electronic health records and patient data profile. This data profile of a specific patient after analysis and predictive algorithms provides health insights which are vital for disease management.

Why Choose Our Device?


App Integrated

Device functions completely independently using an app interface.


Reduced Cost

No infrastructure and space needed for setting up our device.



Smartphone-sized device, needs no heavy set-up and can be used in home conditions.


Afforadable Tests

Device will be priced in sub 10k range and it will bring down the cost of tests by 1/10th using economic raw material.


AI / IoT Enabled

Our device has its own IoT and AI systems that are constantly connected to the cloud.



Our app is multilingual, with a goal to help technicians comprehend and use our device with ease.

& so many more features...

How To Use Mobilab?

Our device can be operated by 5 easy and
simple steps.


Draw patient's blood sample and centrifuge to get the serum from the drawn sample. 


Connect the device with the mobile phone
and open our application to proceed further.


Enter patient's medical history and schedule the test/profile that needs to be performed with the blood sample.

vial (1).png

In a cuvette take the serum sample with the reagent required and mix. After mixing, insert the cuvette in the device.


Press start in the mobile application and wait for the application to complete the test. Once the tests are complete, report is automatically generated.


Us Against Competitors

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Our Investors

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Demonstration and Pilot

We have done our Initial pilot at GNRC Hospital Guwahati, GMCH Guwahati and will be at AIIMS Delhi very soon. We have already demonstrated our device at ample number of renowned events in presence of Honorable Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, Dr Ranoj Pegu, Dr Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank , Dr Jitendra Singh